Drug / Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification is an important part to the recovery process. Before anyone can be completely diagnosed for their substance abuse or co-occurring disorders, the drugs and the alcohol must be completely removed from the system. Bright Futures of Palm Beach works with JAHCO Accredited detox programs for drug detoxification services.

Partial Hospitalization Rehab

Residential substance abuse treatment incorporates quite a bit of regimented growth in a person’s recovery. Daily schedules are provided for relapse prevention, group therapy, and individual counseling.  Throughout the treatment process we are getting the recovering individual ready for recovery on the outside.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient substance abuse treatment is a very important keystone in our tier down process. While attending I.O.P. our clients will be working or actively seeking employment and attending 12 step meetings. To further their growth they will also be attending one-on-one and group counseling while living in our Sober Living facilities.

Our Intervention Process

Giving family and friends the help they need to get a loved one into a safe treatment program is the foundation of the intervention process.  We work with the family members in selecting a safe and appropriate program, making all arrangements for treatment.  We take care of all practical objectives, assist in packing belongings and coordinate all travel arrangements, and of course ensuring your loved one arrives at the selected program on the day of intervention.

Lasting & Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

In order to be successful treating people for addiction you must have a strategy and the resources to carry out that strategy. Bright Futures utilizes the best of the best when providing care for any individual that comes through our doors seeking treatment for addiction and alcoholism. The key to effective treatment is having  process for dealing with a wide array of addictions and co-occurring disorders.

Medically monitored detoxification
Individualized Residential Rehabilitation
Master’s Level Clinicians
Family Support Program
Outpatient Continuum of Care
Alumni Services
Sober Living Programs


If you or your loved one are looking for help with drug addiction or alcoholism. Please let our rehab intake specialists help you today!